18, Mila Jelenkovica St. 36210 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

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Wire-Tehnics Ltd. manufactures stainless steel spring wires for cheese slicers

About Us

Wire-Tehnics Ltd is a family run firm established in Vrnjacka Banja on August 22nd, 2011. The company is authorized and specialized in manufacturing stainless steel spring wire for cheese slicers.

New in our offer

- The product IV - cheese slicer W is a unique product in the world. The patented way of the wire tightening on the very cheese slicer, makes him new and special compared to the all known slicers that have been made so far and which are offered worldwide.
- Spare pieces of wire - For the needs of your company we, we offer you pieces of wire for cheese slicers packed as spare pieces of wire for cheese slicers in zip small bags in quantities determined by you. The price of the package and packing is free.